Warbler is a completely silent island, as a silencing spell is placed around it. It appears to be uninhabited, but really, thousands of people live underground. It's made up of many caves and hallways. There are many jobs there in each area like shipbuilding, thorn-necklace making, sign language class, and many more.

Ruler of WarblerEdit

History of Queen Eagala Edit

When she was young, her older brother and sister, Marcus Today and Justine, left to adventure the the world and never came back. She then left the island looking for them. She returned unable to find them, afraid of the dangers of the outside world and believing that enemies had killed her siblings. When she got back, her parents had died. As such, she was crowned queen. Immediately after that, she moved her people underground so that the believed 'enemies' would not target their island.

Because many people were unhappy of her actions, she placed a silence spell on the island. Then many years later, after people decided to escape and spread rumors about her island, she ordered the island surgeons to weave sound-restricting metal thorns into the people's throats once they turned ten. At this age, they also received drops in their eyes to turn their eyes orange, marking them as property of Eagala.

Lifestyle Edit

The people of Warbler have a horrible thorn necklace put on them when they turn 10, which doesn't allow them to speak. After the surgery, they are put into a dark cave for weeks until they are healed. As shown in Island of Fire, when Lani and Samheed are stuck there, they were feeling hopeless and in an extreme amount of pain which they eventually got used to. After the dark cave, they are given instructions and a working place, and are required to work sunup to sundown with no rest at all. They also are connected to a long wire through their thorn necklace. If they prove themselves trustworthy, they get unhooked from the chain and are free to move around. If Queen Eagala fully trusts them, she takes off their thorns and gives them the privilege to speak. The instructors also frequently tell the people of Warbler that if they get their thorns off, birds will come and peck their eyes out. This warning ended up being false, as they were only saying that so no one would try to remove the thorns and spread what was happening at Warbler.

Also, every person at Warbler has orange eyes, marking them as property to Warbler forever.

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