This is my first blog post because I'm new to the whole blogging aspect of the User Pages but here we go! My name's Theo and I love the Unwanteds and I've been on this wiki for quite some time. My first blog post is going to be about if I could create any spell as if I were a student in Artimé what would that spell be and what would it do?

Did I see that write?

Because I really love writing, my spell component would have to be a fountain pen. It would be cast at an opponent by throwing the uncapped pen square towards the enemy. Upon contact, the spell would cause every movement of the opponent to be controlled by the caster who is carrying a notebook. The spell caster would write commands onto the blank page such as "Drop Weapons" or "Burst into tears" and the opponent would immediately obey every written word. While this spell would have to be cast at a distance from relative safety on the battlefield, it is incredibly powerful. Not only does this spell have the ability to disarm opponents, it can also make them turn on their own allies on the battlefield. If multiple targets are hit, they are all simultaneously controlled from the written words of the mage who cast the spell.  If the mage wants to kill the opponent, it is necessary to use the written component, "Die a thousand deaths." This is identical to the lethal Scatterclip component. On a slightly lighter note, it can be quite hilarious to use absurd adjectives whilst controlling opponents to distract others of the opposing team.  


I am thinking of calling this wonderfully disastrous component the Puppetmaster's Pen. I have not decided if it should require a verbal component such as "Puppet" to be called when the spell is cast, I think that may be a good addition, what do you think?

The Verbal Component Should Be:

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That's all for this blog post, thanks for reading and for your feedback!