I probably should've done this before writing up the first part of the project. Here's a belated explanation of the Wiki Cleanup Project.


  • Stage One (Work began 28/09/2017. Competed 05/10/2017)
    • Stage one is mainly a cleanup of highly visible parts of the wiki - the comments. Stage One also included CSS changes and a revision of wiki features
  • Stage Two (Work began 05/10/2017. Completed 16/10/2017)
    • Stage Two will consist of minor background changes, and the enabling of Discussions.
  • Stage Three (Work began 19/10/2017. Currently underway)
    • Stage Three will be cosmetic changes. This will include the enabling of UserTags and IsTyping. A style guide will also be introduced.
  • Stage Four (Work begins late November)
    • Stage Four will involve new pictures for the wiki, new moderators, and potentially new adminstrators. Any revisions will also be made during this time.
  • Stage Five (Work begins early/mid December
    • Stage Five will bring big changes, but I'm not making any promises yet.
    • Stage Five will definetly include a category restructure, which I originally planned for Stage One, pushed back to Stage Two, and have now effectively cancelled. Due to school, it is simply unrealistic for me to take on such a big project when I know that it will be left halfway. Frankly, I don't want this consuming my time during a school term, and if I did commit to this it could kill my enthusiasm for the project.
    • This Stage could include a fan wiki and the disabling of FANDOM contributors, but this will depend entirely on the user base.