This page is part of the Wiki Cleanup Project.

My adoption request was processed yesterday, meaning I'm now a bureaucrat and administrator (if you missed this, you can find it on the wiki's home page, under the news section). So here I am, with a list of what's going on:

  1. Relatively simple stuff has already happened.
    1. Message walls have been enabled
    2. Chat has been enabled
    3. Me and Breeie are making some CSS changes. You can see the latest draft here, before it's released.
    4. Theo is now a rollback
  2. Before I begin anything major, I'm going to cleanse the comments. That means:
    1. Irrelevant comments will be deleted. I've already deleted comments that consist of "sup". These will have a zero-tolerance policy as long as I'm on the wiki.
    2. Any swearing will be sensored. In future, swearing will be sensored and the user will be warned and/or banned.
  3. Top navigation will recieve a huge update
    1. The new navigation will be based on the Wings of Fire wiki's
  4. Next up is my redlink removal.
    1. Any redlink ranking after the comments cleanse will be removed.
    2. The "Wanted pages" section on the home page will be removed. Wanted pages appears in the dialogue box when creating a new page, and there is a special page for redlinks.
  5. Category restructure **MAJOR WORK**
    1. All islands will recieve a category.
      1. e.g. Quillens, Warblerans, etc.
    2. All books will recieve categories
      1. Appeared in Island of Silence
      2. Mentioned in Island of Silence
    3. Characters will be organised
      1. Protagonists/Antoganists
      2. Major/Minor/Mentioned characters
      3. etc.
  6. Rules update (this might happen earlier)
    1. Rules will be revised
    2. Rules will get their own page

And that's it for now! You can consider it Stage One of the wiki cleanup!