I've decided, at this point, that the Wiki Cleanup Project is not serving its purpose, and therefore must be revised. At this moment, the wiki is in a much better state then it was before I came and the project started, but the structure of the project had resulted in a limiting and unproductive situation. Prior to my adoption of the wiki, we had 4 users that were considered 'active', and no Fandom contributors. Currently, we have 6, and 2 Fandom contributors. That's an improvement of two in both areas.

Parts 1 and 2 were completed promptly, mainly due to an excellent beginning structure and huge dedication to the project. The issue I have encountered while advancing the project is a lack of cohesive structure, which has simply bogged me down with unrealistic expectations and schedule.

When I mention unrealistic expectations, I am not referring to my goals. Most of them are achievable. Rather, I am referring to my expectations of the user base. At this point in time, I expected a solid 15-20 users that would be maintaining articles and building the community. That hasn't happened, obviously, which cripples the aims of the project.

In order to complete both this aim and the project, I have devised a new project, which shall instead be referred to as the Wiki Project. The project is designed around the following principles:

  • The project must be achievable by a small group of users, 1-5
  • The project must be an ongoing stimulus for the wiki
  • The project must be easily expandable
  • The project should be able to be left at any time and not damage the wiki
  • The project must improve the main content of the wiki
  • The project must build on the user base

With these principles in mind, I have devised the following project, which is split into several sections that achieve different purposes.

  1. Cleanup: the wiki must be restored to a state that is clean, relevant, and professional
  2. Establishment: the wiki must have a set of guidelines and policies
  3. Improvement: the wiki must have a good and accurate collection of articles
  4. Stimulus: the wiki must maintain a loyal and ever-increasing user base
  5. Expansion: the wiki must continue to grow in all areas

Each of these sections is broken up further.

  1. Cleanup
    1. Comments must be cleansed of all rubbish
    2. Vandalism must be removed
    3. Often-visited pages must be well-structured
  2. Establishment
    1. A set of rules must be introduced
    2. A style guide must be introduced
    3. Common features must be added to improve functionality
    4. Some users must be selected as future powesrusers
    5. The wiki must cement its presence as a reliable source of information
    6. The wiki must be accessible
  3. Improvement
    1. All aspects of the wiki must constantly improve
    2. Articles must always be up-to-date
  4. Stimulus
    1. Users must remain interested in the wiki
    2. There must be a stable user base
    3. The user must grow consistently, no matter how small the change is
  5. Expansion
    1. The wiki's collection of articles must grow
    2. Cobtributions to the wiki must increase
    3. The wiki should expand by creating a dedicated fanon wiki Done!

While this are the core ideas behind the project, they are not the actual steps that will be taken. They are deliberately vague to allow for the community to grow at its own pace and style, without being moulded by the project. In essence, I will be improvising as I go along, but my improvised action will achieve one or more of the goals.

As always, I request feedback from both the community as a whole and individuals. Thanks for your patience with all this.