This page is for the drafted letter to Lisa McMann, regarding the wiki.

To Ms. McMann,

We are the administrative team of The Unwanteds Wiki (, a wiki founded using Fandom (also called Wikia).

Our leadership team would like you to make you aware of our wiki, which is dedicated to creating an encyclopedia of everything related to your book series The Unwanteds. We are the biggest and only active wiki regarding your Unwanteds and Unwanteds Quest series.

Despite this, our current editor base is only around a dozen, however, our home page usually recieves around 200-800 visits per week. Despite there being millions of wikis, with thousands more created every day, our wiki is judged to be 197th most active in the literature category. If you search for "The Unwanteds Wiki" in Google (or another search engine), you will notice our wiki is one of the top results.

We understand that our wiki is completely unofficial and is run by fans, but we would highly appreciate it if you could mention us on your website or blog. We believe this would benefit both you and us, as our wiki would be gaining visitors and editors, which in turn would reflect well on your books, and maintain reader interest through interaction with other fans.

We would also like to note that the current leadership group is unaware of any other correspondence with you from our former adminstrator and founder (HeroesOfOlympus).

Thank you for your consideration of our suggestion. We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

The Unwanteds Wiki leadership

BleakInfinity (bureaucrat, administrator)
Breeie (CSS editor, template helper)
Chillerrr1234 (content moderator)
Theo1698 (rollback)