Hi, people who saw this. As the title says, I'm looking to adopt the wiki.

What does wiki adoption mean?

For those of you who don't know, this means that I will be in contact with Wikia, and upon meeting their conditions I will be granted bureaucratic rights.

Hasn't anyone tried this before?

Yes, actually, LunaRaine did, but never carried through with it. I'm trying harder. Because I'm more dedicated etc.

What's a bureaucrat?

Similar to an admin.

Let's talk about admin's first

An administrator, which you probably have heard of (or not), is a user with extra rights. They can delete pages and comments, ban users who have broken the rules, protect pages, and a lot of other important stuff. I ran for adminship last month when the only poweruser on the wiki, HeroesOfOlympus (founder and bureaucrat) was briefly active. She never checked my request, so I never got the position.

The difference

So, as a founder, she automatically has bureaucratic rights. A bureaucrat, in short, can do everything an administrator can, but can also promote users to administrator and bureaucratic positions, whereas an admin can only promote users to moderation roles.

So why do I need to be a bureaucrat?

Exactly. Why can't I just be an administrator? I'd be perfectly happy just to do that. The problem arises when you look into the abilities of each type. I need to be able to promote users to other roles to run the wiki better, which is one of my aims that I'll explain later. If there are no bureaucrats, than there are no more admins.

Why do I want to do this?

This is what I actually wanted to talk about. I want to do this for a few reasons. I like the Unwanteds. It's a good series. But this wiki is in an awful state. I can't fix it as a regular user, but I can try, which is what I've been doing. I have been trying my best since February, but I'm fighting a losing battle.

What does this mean for you?

This is the big question, and if you're reading this, probably the one you've been waiting for (I mean, I hope. You probably should care).

Registered users

For you, if you are one of the extremely limited remaining active users besides me, then you have a shot at becoming a moderator when the wiki grows a bit and the opportunity to hopefully, one, day, become a major poweruser to help run the wiki.

Still, that's a long way off. I won't lie, it probably won't happen for another year, if it does happen at all. This wiki's glory days are over. The Unwanteds is finished now, all we have is a Quest. Which could bring in a lot of users if it picks up. So we can go two ways.

FANDOM contributors

If you haven't registered yet, please do! We really need more users.

In the long term, you can expect FANDOM contributions will be less and less, I plan to slowly remove contributors from the wiki to encourage more active users, more about that later.

In the short term, you can expect less tolerance for irrelevant comments and edits, less tolerance for vandalism, and a generally more active registered community. You should expect less FANDOM contributors and more accounts, in general, you should also expect to have more requests to get a registered account, as we phase out anonymous contributions.

So please, get an account quickly.


So in the short term, it means you can expect to see more users, you can expect to see better, more well-written articles and less and less junk.

In the long term, you can expect less anonymous contributors, which should also help phase out vandalism, to a large extent.

Don't I have any qualifications?

Of course I do! Here they are:

  • Read the entire Unwanteds series, save for Quest, which I will finish if it ever comes (welcome to Australia. Have you met Australia Post yet?)
    • I understand how the editor base feels about the wiki
  • I've been contributing to this Wikia as a FANDOM contributor since January, and I've cleaned up many pages
    • I have redirected/created a bunch of pages
    • I did my best to keep order in the administrator's absence
      • I removed vandalism and replied to comments
    • I tried my best to keep an active community
  • Talented with IT in general
    • I am very experienced with Wikitext and am trying to learn more advanced features
      • I am also a contributor to Wikipedia, previously anonymous and recently registered
    • I have some skill with HTML and a little with CSS
    • Experienced using graphic editors
      • Adobe Photoshop CC, Paint.NET, and willing to learn new ones
  • I have been using Wikia's services since 2013
    • i.e. very long and thorough experience
  • I'm very active, I check the wiki nearly every day (things have got busy)
  • I'm intelligent in general, and I can say that without bragging
  • Creator of the W Motors Wiki
    • In relation, I am already experienced with bureaucrat position
  • Willing to help out
    • Hardworking person
      • Perfectionist
    • Very willing to show new users what to do, and how to do it
      • I have dealt with people before, and can handle them well
      • As I have already mentioned, I kept the wiki in good order, which required interaction with people.


I have several aims. Not all will be met straight away, but here's a list. No particular order.

  • Remove all unnecessary and/or irrelevant comments.
  • Activate more wiki features, such as an easy-to-use forum and the popular community chat.
  • Total revision and expansion of our basic rules.
  • Clean up as many pages as possible.
  • Dedicated infoboxes for many articles.
  • Promote registered users over FANDOM contributors.
  • Gradually phase out unregistered users, beginning at one hundred active, registered users.
  • Change the wiki's design scheme to better match the books.
  • Promote several trustworthy and active users to moderation positions.
  • Create an official promotion/demotion system.
  • Clean up categories.
  • Create a fanon wiki.

When is this happening?

Not right now, that's for sure. One of Wikia's requirements is that powerusers must be inactive for at least 60 days. So I will apply on September 12, 2017 (probably a day or two after). I expect my adoption request to be carried out by November 2017.


Thank you for reading this, if you've got this far. Please feel free to discuss with me my proposal, and, if you oppose it, I am more than willing to have a conversation with you about why you oppose it and how I can fix my ideas to better suit the community. BleakInfinity (talk) 01:58, August 12, 2017 (UTC) Updated 10:53, September 10, 2017 (UTC)