As the year draws to a close, I'd like to look back on the progress we've made since September.

Prior to September, there were no active registered users. I estimate the wiki recieve around 4 edits a week.

In September, however, I was promoted to bureaucrat and started my Wiki Cleanup, which I'm sure everyone can agree was fairly successful in getting the wiki back on its feet.

Shortly after my promotion, Theo resumed activity and became our first rollback. Breeie also joined, becoming a CSS editor.

The wiki has changed dramatically since those first few weeks. New powerusers, new design, better content, more users and a fan wiki are some of the most notable changes.

In essence, the wiki has experienced a complete revolution. Nearly everything has been changed, a strong contrast to the previous era.

Although September was only four months ago, we have vastly improved the wiki. It is now poised to be a large community.

2017 has been indisputably successful. In 2018, my focus will be on growing the community and building the fanon wiki. Considering what we've managed to do in less than four months, I would say that this is a very reasonable goal.

BleakInfinity (talk) 08:25, December 30, 2017 (UTC)