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  • I live in Western Australia
  • My occupation is a student
  • I am male
  • BleakInfinity

    Next up (STAGE THREE)

    October 17, 2017 by BleakInfinity

    This page is part of the Wiki Cleanup Project.

    Since Stage Two is finished, we have Stage Three coming up. Which includes a little bit of interesting stuff.

    • IsTyping is going to be enabled
    • UserTags will also be enabled
    • I'm going to add some fancy new templates, of I can, and do some CSS work.

    As you can see, Stage Three is pretty lax about goals. I'll see what happens and go from there.

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  • BleakInfinity

    This page is part of the Wiki Cleanup Project.

    Now that we've successfully complete Stage One of my Wiki Cleanup Project, we're on to Stage Two. Ahead of schedule, of all things! Anyways, here's what I've got planned:

    • Discussions is coming
      • I liked the old forums, but discussions is new and fancy, so that's gonna be enabled first up. That'll bring along a few new rules (which have finally been updated).
    • Behind-the-scenes stuff
      • Lots and lots of this. I might make a blog to keep track of it all later, but the main idea will be some new CSS and templates, and custom JavaScript being enabled.
    • Category restructure
      • I'm not up to writing about this yet. This is going to take at least a week, probably two or three. I'll make a seperate blog later on.
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  • BleakInfinity

    Wiki Cleanup

    September 30, 2017 by BleakInfinity

    I probably should've done this before writing up the first part of the project. Here's a belated explanation of the Wiki Cleanup Project.

    • Stage One (Work began 28/09/2017. Competed 05/10/2017)
      • Stage one is mainly a cleanup of highly visible parts of the wiki - the comments. Stage One also included and a revision of wiki features
    • Stage Two (Work began 05/10/2017. Completed 16/10/2017)
      • Stage Two will consist of minor background changes, and the enabling of Discussions.
    • Stage Three (Work began 19/10/2017. Currently underway)
      • Stage Three will be cosmetic changes. This will include the enabling of UserTags and IsTyping. A style guide will also be introduced.
    • Stage Four (Work begins late November)
      • Stage Four will involve new pictures for the wiki, new …

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  • BleakInfinity

    This page is part of the Wiki Cleanup Project.

    My adoption request was processed yesterday, meaning I'm now a bureaucrat and administrator (if you missed this, you can find it on the wiki's home page, under the news section). So here I am, with a list of what's going on:

    1. Relatively simple stuff has already happened.
      1. Message walls have been enabled
      2. Chat has been enabled
      3. Me and changes. You can see the latest draft here, before it's released.
      4. Theo is now a rollback
    2. Before I begin anything major, I'm going to cleanse the comments. That means:
      1. Irrelevant comments will be deleted. I've already deleted comments that consist of "sup". These will have a zero-tolerance policy as long as I'm on the wiki.
      2. Any swearing will be sensored. In future, swearing w…
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  • BleakInfinity

    Adopting the wiki

    August 12, 2017 by BleakInfinity

    Hi, people who saw this. As the title says, I'm looking to adopt the wiki.

    For those of you who don't know, this means that I will be in contact with Wikia, and upon meeting their conditions I will be granted bureaucratic rights.

    Yes, actually, LunaRaine did, but never carried through with it. I'm trying harder. Because I'm more dedicated etc.

    Similar to an admin.

    An administrator, which you probably have heard of (or not), is a user with extra rights. They can delete pages and comments, ban users who have broken the rules, protect pages, and a lot of other important stuff. I ran for adminship last month when the only poweruser on the wiki, HeroesOfOlympus (founder and bureaucrat) was briefly active. She never checked my request, so I never go…

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