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Thisbe Stowe is the younger sister of Alex and Aaron Stowe, and twin sister of Fifer Stowe. She is a natural at magic, as she has performed heart attack spell on Alex Stowe without saying the verbal component. Thisbe has been raised in Artimé ever since her parents' deaths.

In the Unwanteds Quests: Dragon Captives, it is shown that Thisbe (along with Fifer) are the main characters in the book, ten years after the Island of Dragons book.

Early Life Edit

Thisbe Stowe was born in Quill, to Mr. and Mrs. Stowe. Shortly after her birth, her parents died in an accident in which a wall collapsed over them. The leader of Quill during that time, High Priest Gondoleery, sentenced Thisbe and her twin sister, Fifer, to the Ancients, where they would be executed. However, Liam, the person who brought the news of the twins to Gondoleery, disobeyed the High Priest's orders and brought them into Artimé. There, they met their brothers.

While in Artimé, the twins made friends with Seth, a 3-year old boy who is the grandson of the late Eva Fathom. When a battle erupted on the island due to Warbler Island and the Island of Fire attacking Artimé, it was likely the three were kept safe in the main builiding in Artimé.

Relatives Edit

Alex Stowe - Alex is Thisbe's older brother, being approximately 12 years older than her. He has the head mage of Artimé ever since the death of Marcus Today. Also, after Artimé's battle with Warbler Island and the Island of Fire, his left hand can't function.

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