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The Unwanteds Wiki is an encyclopedia of people, places, and events that are portrayed in the Unwanteds series, written by Lisa McMann, who is known particularly for works in the fantasy genre. Fanfiction and speculative writing should be kept in user blogs only!

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In 2017, Lisa McMann is publishing a spinoff series titled THE UNWANTEDS QUEST. The first book is out now.


This wiki is looking for new artwork, one administrator, and one or two moderators. To request/submit, please contact HeroesOfOlympus. Please note that uploading artwork requires an account, as does becoming a poweruser.


Bleak is currently planning to adopt this wiki. Please read his statement here and feel free to discuss it with him, either on his talk page or in his statement's comments.


  1. Bleak has filed his adoption request, which you can view here (read the statement here).
  2. The second Quests book has been confirmed! The Unwanteds Quests: Dragon Bones will be released February 18, 2018

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The most important rules

While the nature of writing about fictional works requires a certain amount of flexibility, ad hoc decision making, and some policies may be subject to change, we have a few cardinal rules we observe here:

  1. When writing articles about the characters or events, write in past-tense and with the latest canon information.
  2. Stick with the canon! No speculating. Fanfiction should be for blogs only!
  3. Please be respectful to everyone, even if you disagree with their views.
  4. Please don't vandalise pages, comments, or categories.
  5. The comments section is for discussion about the article. Comments should be kept relevant and on-topic. Theories are permitted, but must be on the correct talk page.
  6. If you need help, ask an active user.

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Mr. Today is the creator of Artimé and is the twin brother of former High Priest Justine and father to Claire Morning. He originates from Warbler Island. He and Justine started to plan Quill when they were fourteen. He also removed the memories of their magical powers from the first people of Quill. They were returned in Island of Silence.

Soon after Marcus and Justine robbed the memories of the mages, Justine took the position of High Priest. Marcus and Justine decided on Positions in Quill, although they were mainly influenced by Justine, which is evrident in the Unwanteds. Marcus put all the Unwanteds outside the Walls of Quill under a sleeping spell. This continued until his daughter, Claire Morning, was announced an Unwanted. He then proceeded to make the Great Lake of Boiling Oil and Artimé for her in order to save all who had been deemed Unwanted.

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Simber as drawn by Swiftpelt33.

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