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 Thatcher is a boy who came from Warbler. He arrived in Warbler alongside Scarlet, sent by their parents to escape Queen Eagala. After being sent over by catapult in Island of Legends


Thatcher has black curly hair in an afro and dark brown skin. He also has orange eyes and scars around his neck like all Warblereans. 

Island of LegendsEdit

Thatcher arrived alongside Scarlet and many other Warbler children and joined Artimé.

Island of DragonsEdit

Thatcher becomes close friends with Henry Haluki in this book, along with becoming Henry's love interest.

Dragon CaptivesEdit

Thatcher plays a much bigger role in Dragon Captives. He is presumed to be married to Henry, as they have many adopted unwanted children in their family. He and Henry watch over Fifer and Thisbe often, and it is revealed the girls think of them highly. When Fifer, Thisbe, and Seth go off to the Dragon Island, Thatcher and Carina go after them.

Love InterestsEdit

Henry Haluki, as of Island of Dragons and Dragon Captives.

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