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Thatcher is a boy who came from Warbler. He arrived in Artimé alongside Scarlet, after being sent over by catapult by their parents to escape Queen Eagala in Island of Legends.


Thatcher has black, curly hair, and dark brown skin. His skin is a few shades lighter than Florence 's. He also has orange eyes and scars around his neck like all Warblereans. He also has scars on his forehead and cheek from the final battle of Artimé.


Thatcher is easygoing and outgoing. He has no trouble talking with authority figures. He cares deeply for Henry Haluki , their children, along with Fifer Stowe and Thisbe Stowe. He is said to be good at magic and sword-fighting.


Prior to the BooksEdit

Thatcher was born and raised on Warbler island.

Island of LegendsEdit

Thatcher arrived alongside Scarlet and many other Warbler children sent by their parents into Artimé.

Island of GravesEdit

Thatcher is seen briefly in Magical Warrior Training with Scarlet. Carina remarks that Thatcher is good at magic, and Crow says Scarlet is better.

Island of DragonsEdit

Henry admires Thatcher while he is in Magical Warrior Training. Thatcher's sister Yazmin arrives in Artimé. Thatcher is surprised when Alex knows his name. In the battle, Thatcher is injured badly with cuts to his forehead and cheek. Henry doesn't take his eyes off Thatcher's face until he falls asleep. After the battle Thatcher and Henry become close friends and are often seen having deep, philosophical talks together.

Dragon CaptivesEdit

Thatcher and Henry are described as partners in all things, and have adopted many Unwanted children together. When Fifer, Thisbe, and Seth run away, Carina and Thatcher go after them. It is revealed that the young twin girls think of Henry and Thatcher very highly. Carina and Thatcher are captured and kept in the dungeon cell next to Thisbe's. When Thatcher and Carina escape with Seth, Thatcher and Simber go off to save Fifer and Thisbe. Thatcher is only able to save Fifer, but she is badly injured. Thisbe is captured by the Revinir. 

Dragon BonesEdit

Thatcher and Simber take Fifer back to Artimé so Henry can heal her. Thatcher makes plans to go back to Grimere with the group to rescue Thisbe. Thatcher helps the group in the plan, even though it ultimately goes south.


Henry HalukiEdit

Thatcher and Henry Haluki are said to be partners in all things. They sit together at the Day of Remembrance feast, along with their many adopted Unwanted children. They began adopting Unwanteds when they were barely 20, and now have quite a large family.

Fifer and ThisbeEdit

Thatcher is very similar to a parental figure towards Fifer and Thisbe. Thisbe misses Henry and Thatcher when she thinks of them in her dungeon cell.

Alex StoweEdit

Thatcher looks up to Alex and respects him greatly. In Dragon Bones it is revealed that Thatcher still thinks about the time Alex surprised him by knowing his name.


Thatcher and Scarlet arrived on Artimé together and are implied to be very good friends.

Carina HolidayEdit

Thatcher and Carina bonded over going to the land of dragons to save Fifer, Thisbe, and Seth.