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Scarlet was one of the many Warbler children that were thrown onto the island of Artimé during the Warbler-Artimé war. She was actually good, as all of the Warbleans are because the Warblean adults undermined their ruler. She become a very decent fighter and she helped protect Artimé during the Pirate and Warbler-Artimé war.


Scarlet has long, white-blond hair, fair skin, and orange eyes like all the Warblerans.


Scarlet is serious and dedicated to education, as well as fond of playing sneaky tricks. She has lots of drive and she is very cunning.


Island of LegendsEdit

Scarlet along with many other Warbleran children arrive in Artimé and begin warrior training.

Island of GravesEdit

Scarlet is seen briefly in Magical Warrior Training with Thatcher. Carina remarks that Thatcher is good at magic, and Crow says Scarlet is better.

Island of DragonsEdit

Scarlet helps Artimé fight against the pirates and Queen Eagala. She and Crow grow close as friends, and Crow develops a crush on her.

The Unwanteds QuestsEdit

Scarlet is mentioned as working with Sky in their quest to figure out how to make the Island of Fire stop submerging.

Dragon BonesEdit

Scarlet is seen on Warbler with Crow. She kisses him on the cheek, and the readers are led to assume they are a couple now.



Scarlet and Crow are very close. It is known that Crow has feelings for her, and in Dragon Bones Scarlet kisses him on the cheek.


Scarlet and Thatcher are very good friends, and were sent over by catapult during the battle between Warbler and Artimé