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Rohan was a slave in the catacombs of Grimere working under Queen Eagala . He was also Thisbe Stowe's first friend in the catacombs. He and Thisbe create a strong bond and work together to escape the catacombs and Queen Eagala's clutches.


Rohan has longer, wavy dark hair and black eyes. He has brown skin that leans more towards grey due to lack of sunlight. He has full, ruddy red lips. He stands a few inches taller than Thisbe.


Rohan is reserved and level headed in most times, and very good with words. He is hard working and loyal to friends. In rought times, he can get a bit panicky, and keeps conversation in order to keep a calm mind. Queen Eagala says he is only 16% evil.


Dragon BonesEdit

Rohan is introduced in Dragon Bones. He very quickly becomes good friends with Thisbe. Their crypts share a back wall. The two knock on each others' walls to communicate for the first couple nights, before Thisbe uses magic to create a tunnel connecting their rooms. Rohan shows Thisbe the river exit to the outside of the mountain, and the two work together to escape. It is shown that Rohan admires Thisbe, and Thisbe admires him as well.


Thisbe StoweEdit

Rohan and Thisbe are fast and close friends. The two escaped the catacombs and defied odds in the face of danger together. At one point Rohan comments that he would rather talk to Thisbe than sleep, making Thisbe blush.