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Quill is the island where the book The Unwanteds takes place. It is very dry and desolate. Most of the vehicles are very old because Quill has blocked off communications with the other islands around making trade impossible, so they ran out of their natural materials. Every year they sort the 13 year-olds into Unwanteds, Necessaries, and Wanteds. Wanteds will go to the university while the necessaries will work on farms and do other jobs the Wanteds don't want to. Unwanteds will go to the Death Farm which is Artimé. Most necessaries left Quill when Artimé was discovered, infuriating the Wanteds, but came back when Artimé lost its mage, Mr. Today, which meant Artimé was no more. Quill's current High Priest is Aaron Stowe, twin of the current mage of Artimé, Alex Stowe.

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