The Purge is an annual tradition in Quill, where the children 13 years of age are sorted into one of three categories that will determine the rest of their lives. If a child has shown potential and followed all the rules in previous years, they become Wanteds. If someone is not considered intelligent, but are still useful as labourers, then they become Necessaries. If a child has had an infraction, or caught using any amount of creativity, they are sorted into Unwanteds, and "eliminated".
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The death farm, really Artimé

The PurgeEdit

In Quill, it is an annual tradition that every 13 year old are sorted into Wanteds, Necessaries, and Unwanteds. Exceptions to this rule is Lani and Henry Haluki.

Wanteds, Necessaries, and UnwantedsEdit

Wanteds are strong, intelligent, uncreative, and they think highly of themselves. Wanteds are sent to the University to be trained to be great fighters and leaders. Necessaries are not bright, but they are needed for manual labor. They live their lives serving the Wanteds. Unwanteds are creative. They have shown their creativity and are sentenced to death by boiling oil. But really, they are sent to the magical world of Artime. There, they can express their talents and feelings freely.

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