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Pan is a water dragon and the ruler of the sea. She is friendly towards the Unwanteds because they freed the creatures from the pirates' reverse aquarium.

Appearance Edit

Pan curls like a snake with four short legs. She is black and shiny with a giant, gaping mouth filled with multiple rows of teeth. She has a regal plume of scales, like feathers, shooting up from the back of its head, and a thin tail that is so long it appears to have no end. 

She has four webbed feet with three hooked claws. Her extremely long tail is spiked and rope-like.

Pan frequently coils herself around many times and floats through the water.


Name - scale color:

Arabis - orange

Ivis - green

Drock - deep purple

Hux - light blue

Yarbeck - purple and gold

Abilities Edit

Pan has the ability to breathe fire, the fastest swimmer in all the land, but does not possess wings and thus cannot fly unlike her children who were given wings my the Stowe twins.

Island of Legends Edit

Pan was first mentioned in Island of Legends when Talon talks about a "coiled water dragon who is the ruler of the sea." The Unwanteds took little notice of this statement at the time.

Island of Graves Edit

The Unwanteds' first encounter with Pan takes place in Island of Graves when Spike Furious senses a mysterious floating creature hiding just out of sight beyond the curvature of the Island of Dragons. Alex Stowe and Sky briefly talk with Pan and she informs them that Karkinos the giant crab is ill. She also requests that after Karkinos was healed, that Alex would find a way to give other creatures Pan knew wings, so they could fly. She did not specify who, however. Pan gives Alex, Sky, and Spike a word of warning as they continue eastward before she uses her long tail to climb to the top of the nearly vertical cliffs surrounding the cylindrical Island of Dragons.