Ol' Tater was a living mastadon statue created by Mr.Today. He was his final living creation.


Mr. Today created Ol' Tater based on an old picture he remembered, similar to Simber. Mr. Today thought Ol' Tater could help Artimè by carrying heavy objects. Unfortunately the mage made an imperfection. Due to this mistake, Ol' Tater started attacking the other creatures living in the mansion of Artimè and was sent to the jungle. Tater then started to ruin the jungle and frightening both creatures and Artimèans alike. Because of that, and Taters sadness Mr. Today took the magical life out of him. Because of this, Mr. Today never created another living being again due to fear of creating another sad life. 

Ol' tater was then placed in The Museum of Large

Island of FireEdit

After Artimè was recreated, all of the statues, including Ol' Tater were brought back to life.

The Artimèans who were in the grey shack at the time were then trapped in the museum of large with the mastadon. Ol' Tater briefly terrorised the Artimèans before Simber  and Alex Stowe arrived. Simber distracted Tater while Alex searched for a book that would help bring Ol' Tater to an ordinary statue. Finally he found a thin book called: Ol' Tater. It contained his likes, dislikes, diet and a spell to to put him back to sleep. Alex read the spell and finally Ol' Tater was once again asleep...  

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