Lhasa appears in Island of Legends. She is the queen of Karkinos.


Lhasa is furry, white lioness with blue accents, who seem to float just above the ground.

Island of Legends Edit

Lhasa first appears in Island of Legends when Alex and his friends in the pirate ship decide to continue exploring after rescuing Copper. She is friends with Talon, and all the creatures on Karkinos. While eating by the Fire with Alex and his friends, Samheed mentions that Lhasa would be great on the stage. Lhasathen starts singing " the stage, the stage. What is the" And as she floats over the ocean she is cut off as the sea eel grabbs her and drags her into the sea. With the help of Sean Ranger and Talon, they bring her back to land. Henry tries to heal her, but it is to late. Until, that is, Kitten gives her a life, a power given to her by Mr. Today. Lhasa recovers but is never seen again after the pirate ship leaves. However she does inspire the belt that allows Lani to walk again in the 7th book.

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