Later in the Island of Dragons, there is a war in which the pirates were teaming up with the Warblereans. Captain Baldhead and Queen Eagala arranged an attack for the "demise" of Artime. It wasnt looking good. During the war, Lani gets stuck under a dead pirate. She tries transporting him and thought of "Queen Eagala's stupid face", so she was free. Everyone thought that Queen Eagala was killed, but later in the book, they found out that she wasnt. Before the end, when Artime was at its worst, Lani got injured badly on her leg and she couldnt use them anymore. So, Ms Octavia and (i forgot :D) designed her a belt that was inspired by Lhasa the Snow Lion, which makes her float above the ground, but not fly like a bird. In the end, they won the war thanks to the dragons. Sorry for giving tmi about the rest of the book, but i luv it sooooo.

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