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Lani Haluki




Approx. 15-16



Known Relatives

Gunnar Haluki (father)
Henry Haluki (little brother)
Mrs. Haluki (mother)

Lani Haluki is the daughter of High Priest Haluki, former leader of Quill. She is a love interest of Alex Stowe in the first book. Currently, she is the love interest of Samheed Burkesh, ever since Island of Fire. Her group of best friends are Alex, Meghan, and Samheed. She played a major role in the Quill VS Artimé war as she killed the High Priest Justine. She is the second youngest known to be Purged. She is a current Artiméan.

The Unwanteds Edit

Lani is the second youngest known person to be Purged, as she was Purged at just age 12. Her younger brother Henry Haluki was purged at the age of 10. After, she was crying and being smaller than the rest of the kids on the bus. She quickly befriends Alex Stowe and develops a slight crush on him which will later turn into a complicated relationship.

After she finds Artimé, she becomes interested and excels in almost every subject equally, except for drama. Lani becomes friends with Meghan, Alex, and Samheed and they form a small group of friends. After a period of time, she was promoted to Magical Warrior Training before Alex and uses her spells to tease and prank him to get his attention. Alex becomes angry and cuts off his friends almost completely for six months after being hurt again by Lani. During Magical Warrior Training, Alex becomes friendly with his group again but also gets revenge on Lani. During one of the classes, to demonstrate a spell, Alex turns invisible and kisses her on the cheek.

Alex then gets a new clue on finding Aaron and sees Quill, once again cutting his group of friends off. 3 days later, after the incident, Lani storms into his room and gets Alex's attention again after telling him that he can't just kiss a girl on the cheek and not talk to her for three days.

After Alex exposes Quill by meeting Aaron again, Lani plays an important part in the war. She shoots her father, meaning to kill him, but he turns into a wolf that lives on Artimé, who helps to protect it. Later she finds out that he was a spy for Artimé in Quill. She is the killer of the High Priest Justine, who is also Mr. Today's sister. After the war, Alex's and Lani's romantic feelings are hinted again when Alex plays with Lani's mango scented hair. She likes Alex, but it was mentioned that he ignored her when Meghan was around. Lani tried to get Alex attention by doing spells.

Island of Silence

In The Island of Silence, it is a year after "The Unwanteds". Mr. Today tells Alex Stowe that he should be the leader of Artime after Mr. Today is dead. Alex doesn't know what to say, so he tells his friends. Lani then is sad because since her father is High Priest Haluki, she was supposed to be the next mage of Artime.

But unexpectedly, a raft comes crashing at the shore, and Lani, Alex, Meghan, and Samheed (easily referred to as LAMS), save two teenagers from a Western island called Warbler. A girl and boy, who Alex calls the "Silents," are taken to the mansion hospital wing quickly.

Meghan also feels a little sad because her brother is slowly shutting her out. Lani says that Meghan should get away for a while, so she, Meghan, and Samheed use Ms. Morning's boat to go and have an adventure.

But this adventure, is not what they were expecting...

They land on an island with no sound at all. They have no idea what is going on until someone shoots them all with a sleep dart. Lani wakes up and hears Meghan screaming because people are sewing thorns in her neck, so she cannot speak. Lani lets Meghan get away from the people, but she and Samheed (who is still knocked out from the sleep dart) are still trapped, with people sewing thorns in their necks.

While all of this is happening, Aaron Stow is trying to overthrow High Priest Haluki, so that he could earn his "rightful place" as ruler of Quill. He teams up with the Restorers of Quill, where they are hiding out in High Priest Haluki's house. Back in Artime, Alex Stowe and Claire Morning are arranging a vacation for Mr. Today, so that he can go back to his home land, Warbler. Before Mr. Today left, he said that he would visit Gunnar Haluki, and that Claire can tag along, too. Mr. Today goes to Gunnar's house and is murdered by Aaron Stowe, and Claire is captured.

Alex, who has no idea that Mr. Today is dead yet, finds out that the boat is missing and goes with Simber to the island that they landed at. There, he finds the boat, and a weak Meghan hanging onto it. Alex takes her home, but halfway through Simber's flight, he freezes and falls face first into the ocean. Alex manages to get Meghan back to Artime, and finds out that Samheed and Lani are still missing on the island, and that Artime has disappeared.

Everyone is counting on Alex to bring Artime back, and to rescue Lani and Samheed. Back on the island, Lani and Samheed are unable to speak and are stuck in a dark room, waiting for help to come.

A brillant clue that Mr. Today leaves for Alex is deciphered by Alex, Sky (the Silent girl), Crow (the Silent boy), and Henry. Soon, Alex discovers the key to saving Artime from the dangers beyond that monexistent gate.

Island of Fire

At the beginning of the book Lani and Samheed are trapped on an island.

The painful thorn necklaces that make you unable to speak that have been put on Meghan, Sky, and Crow are put on Lani and Samheed. Samheed and Lani are put into a very dark cave, and they form a bond tighter than friendship. Samheed has developed romantic feelings for Lani (that Lani shares).

When Lani is taken out of the cave, away from Samheed, Samheed loses most hope and becomes very depressed. When he is taken out of the cave as well, he discovers that he and Lani will be put to work on the Island Of Silence (Warbler Island). They are both relieved to see that both of them are alive, and silently, they both figure out that they kind of love each other. When they are allowed to learn the sign language of Warbler, they use that and the secret tapping lanuage they created in the cave. They both are worried that Alex and the other Unwanteds have forgot about them completely and they lose hope in them for a short time.

The reason Alex and the other Unwanteds have not saved them is because when Mr. Today died, the whole of Artime is gone and It has taken over a month for Alex to restore it. In this process, he falls in love with Sky, a beautiful girl from Warbler island. He sometimes thinks of Lani and feels guilty, and he still knows that he is attracted to her, even the slightest bit. But he doesn't know what has happened between Lani and Samheed.

When Alex and some other Unwanteds save Lani and Samheed, Alex gets a small clue that Samheed and Lani have a different connection then before. When they are back on the ship and Lani hears the news that her mother is dead, Alex expects that she will want him to hold her in his arms and comfort her, but instead she turns to Samheed and holds out her arms. He picks her up and comforts her with soothing words and keeping her close to him in a hug, which feels slightly more romantic and caring then friendly and normal. Alex's heart breaks slightly, but then he realizes his strong feelings for Sky.

When Alex is injured because of the bold rescue, He knows that Samheed and Lani are spending most of their time together. When Sky tries to leave Artime, Alex swims out to her despite his injuries and admits his true feelings for her. She agrees to stay in Artime for the time being.

When the new Unwanteds start rolling in, Alex, the new head mage, starts the tradition of an annual Masquarade ball. During the ball, the people from Warbler Island try to take Lani, Sky, Samheed, and Crow back to Warbler Island.

Island of Legends Edit

Lani helps to fight off the attackers and then goes with the rest of the group to rescue Copper from Pirate Island. While inside the reverse aquarium, she spots a map in a display case and observes an eighth land mass in the corner of it. As nobody in the archipelago knows of the existence of anything beyond the archipelago, Lani is confused by the existence of this land mass, which is later revealed to be either America or Japan.

Later, the group votes on where to go next and decide to sail to the unknown areas they haven't been to. They end up sailing into a waterfall, and they aren't able to turn around. They fall down the waterfall for a while, and then their ship is turned upside down and upright again. They are all too exhausted to even move, so it takes a a while before they notice the island of shiprecks.

Island of Shipwrecks Edit


Lani is the girl with long dark hair on the cover

Island of Dragons Edit

In the beginning of the book, Lani has accepted Aaron as a person since Alex has too. When Henry goes off on his mission to save Karkinos from death, she and Samheed run after Alex to catch up, but they're too late. Lani complains that she and Samheed are "losing their touch" with going on quests and missions with Alex like they used to in the old days.

While Henry is gone, Alex is taken to Pan's island and is asked to make wings. At first, Alex has no idea how, so he goes to his friends for help. They all spend days working on the design and feel of the wings, and finally they finish their first pair. Alex, Lani, and Samheed go on the lawn to test them out. At first, Lani wants to do it, but Alex tells her she is too small and the wings would just bring her down, much to her disappointment. Samheed goes instead and practices flying around, but keeps crash landing. This happens several times before Lani gives her friends the idea to "give it directions", bringing up how they made the origami dragons all those years ago. Alex and Samheed both mentally slap their foreheads, saying something along the lines of "what would we do without you, Lani." This time, the wings work properly with directions and Samheed doesn't crash land. Lani checks to make sure if he's okay and kisses him on the cheek. Together, the three walk back to the mansion to tell everyone about the wings.

After that, news of Warbler and Pirate island coming to fight with a huge fleet of ships reaches them. Everyone panics a little since it's so many and theyd be outnumbered but they all form groups around the entire island. For the first parts of the battle, the Pirates and Warblerians stay on their ships and fire attacks onto the island. They try their best to fight back but fail since the enemy has a higher advantage. Soon, the Pirates go to shore and attack everyone. At one point it is in Lani's POV, and she is guarding one section of an edge of Quill with her team. The Pirates kill dozens of her team members until she's one of the only ones left, and she races up a rocky hill to escape them. She pelts them with scatterclips but it isn't completely enough. The other Pirates get away and run to attack the other groups. Lani starts to go after them but a dead pirate falls on top of her, making her unable to breathe or move for some time from the weight. She calms herself down and uses the transport spell to direct him straight onto Queen Eagala's head. She then panics and she realizes Samheed's group could be getting attacked brutally. Filled with fear, she runs wildly into the direction of Sam's group but doesn't see him or anyone else anywhere. She desperately calls out his name and begs him to not be dead, when he finally drops from a tree along with his other hiding team members. Lani is so relieved she quickly hugs him. As the two walk together back to the mansion, they hear a scream from Queen Eagala as the pirate had landed on her. Samheed and Lani shared a knowing grin and laughed at this.

At the end of the long battle, Lani loses the use of her legs after taken a blow from a pirate, knocking her out cold. At the end of the book after Alex loses all feeling in his left arm, him and Lani often are mentioned sharing heart breaking and teary looks from across the room. Lani tries to stay strong around her friends, but it is said when alone or near Alex, the only one who understands what she's going through, she sobs to herself that she'll never be able to walk again. As Alex sorts through his problems on how to manage life with only one arm, Lani is made a device that allows her to float around in a standing or sitting position a few feet above the ground to the speed of walking.

Personality Edit

Lani is described as being very creative, thoughtful, imaginative, and smart. She is clever and brave, and she also is shown many times to be annoying. In the first book, she used to complain and whine about many of her problems. But she eventually grew out of her annoying faze and matured after Warbler and the first book, adding in all the wars she'd been through. She cares deeply about her friends and family. She loves to read, write, and tell stories. She is also willing to kill for justice, like when Alex wouldn't kill Gondoleery, she and Samheed volunteered to. She is observant and overall fun and friendly.

Appearance Edit

Lani has olive skin, big eyes and long eyelashes, and long straight black hair. She is notably smaller and shorter than her friends as she is one year younger and was purged at the age of 12, while everyone else was 13. Her eyes used to be blue but are now orange because of the acid-eye drops put in everyone from Warbler. In island of dragons, Kaylee guesses her ancestors were Hawaiian or Polynesian or possibly even a little of Asian roots when looking at her appearance.

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