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Kitten is a miniature, adorable porcelain kitten and is best friends with Fox. She is often seen standing on Fox's head, and he treats her like his own child. She's highly intelligent and sneaky for a tiny kitten like her, and often says, "Mewmewmew!"

She has the power to revive shortly after an event that would kill her, up to eight times, leading to a total of nine lives. By Island of Dragons, she has seven remaining - one from sacrificing one life to save Nala's life, and another from being stepped on in a battle.

History Edit

Kitten was a gift to Mr. Today and his twin sister, Justine, from their mother so they can remember her. Mr. Today eventually brings her to life, but during the process, he forgets to make her speak so she only says, "Mewmewmew!" This can only be understand by a cat like Simber, but Fox believes he is one and always translates her mews.

Trivia Edit

  • Fox and Kitten seem to badly overreact to not knowing each others' well-fare, as they cry for joy when Fox realizes he doesn't know where Kitten is and they find her sleeping in someone's shirt pocket.
    • In this scene, Fox also shows himself to have that personality that just talks for the sake of talking.
  • Kitten is the smallest known golem in Artime, apart from maybe the gargoyle twins, Charlie and Matilda.

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