Gondoleery Rattrap


4th High Preist of Quill




Approx. 60+ Years old




Warbler Island

Gondoleery is one of  High Priest Aaron's workers and helps him plan out one of the major attacks against Artimé. However, Mr. Today had given her memory back, enabling her to remember how to do magic. Very few people know about her powers, and she is not usually seen performing magic. She can only perform small acts of elemental magic until Island of Graves. The High Priest Aaron soon began to doubt Gondoleery Rattrap is his ally. She helped Aaron with a lot of planning at the palace, and she was one of Aaron's best workers. She was friends with Eva Fathom, who was The High Priest Aaron's secretary.

In Island of Graves, after High Preist Aaron is taken prisoner by pirates, Gondoleery Rattrap assumes control of the throne in Quill amassing many new powers of elemental magic. By this point, she can shoot fireballs and ice spears from her fingertips as well as summoning strong winds and rain. Ruthlessly, Gondoleerly practices her magic on innocent Quillens, to strengthen her powers. As High Preist, Gondoleery stopped the tradition of sending people to the Ancient Sector and instead killed them right on the spot using her magic. Alex and his friends attempted an assassination of Gondoleery that failed mainly due to Alex's inability to take her life. After this failed attempt, Gondoleery gathered a special protection unit of Wanteds from the university to protect her anytime she went anywhere. 

At the end of Island of Graves, an epic battle took place in the amphitheater in Quill. Gondoleery summoned a strong wind and employed the tactics of her protection unit and the Quillitary to attack the Unwanteds who were trying to rally Necessaries on their side. Gondoleery unleashed a powerful blast of blue fireballs at Simber and Alex after being hit with a dagger in the chest by Aaron. Simber disintegrates into a pile of sand and Alex is hit with multiple fireballs hurting him severely. In the midst of the mourning and shock surrounding the loss of Simber and the attack on the Head Mage, Aaron's rage reaches a peak and he grabs a discarded scatterclip, shakily gets to his knees wincing from his wounds, and hurls it at Gondoleery Rattrap's forehead, shouting the famous phrase and lethal vocal component, "Die A Thousand Deaths!" Aaron's shot hits its mark and Gondoleery Rattrap is killed.