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Fox is a driftwood golem that first appeared in Island of Fire. He is Kitten's best friend, and is very loving to her.

Trivia Edit

  • Fox and Kitten seem to badly overreact to not knowing each others' well-fare, as when he realizes he doesn't know where Kitten is, Fox cries for joy upon finding her sleeping in someone's shirt pocket.
    • In this scene, Fox also shows himself to have that personality that just talks for the sake of talking.
    • This also led to the joke referencing a song that came out at about the same time,The Fox, claiming that the answer to the question the song revolves around is "Kitten is missing!"
  • Despite the fact that all anyone hears from her is "Mew, mew, mew!", Fox seems to be able to understand her and translate.
  • Apparently, Kitten finds Fox's forehead to be a very comfortable spot to sleep.
  • Fox is the only Artiméan golem known to be made purely of wood. Octavia is made of plant matter, but that's not necessarily wood.
  • *Spoiler alert! Fox almost gets dragged away by an eel when listening to Queen Eagala during the battle in Island of Dragons
  • In Island of Legends, Samheed initially suggests bringing Fox and Kitten on the rescue mission, to which Alex responds, "What for? Comic relief?"
    • However, Samheed points out that Fox is one of very few large golems that can swim, and that Kitten can sneak into tight spaces, so Alex puts them on the list.
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 Fox with a tiny Kitten standing on his head. >>

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