Fox is a driftwood carving of a fox that first appeared in Island of Fire. He is Kitten's best friend, and is very loving and protective of her. He is part of the lounge band. As he is made out of Driftwood, he is able to float in water.


  • Fox and Kitten seem to badly overreact to not knowing each others' welfare, as when he realizes he doesn't know where Kitten is, Fox cries for joy upon finding her sleeping in someone's shirt pocket.
    • This also led to the joke referencing a song that came out at about the same time,The Fox, claiming that the answer to the question the song revolves around is "Kitten is missing!"
  • Despite the fact that all anyone hears from her is "Mew, mew, mew!", Fox seems to be able to understand her and translate.
    • It was later revealed by Simber that Fox actually has no knowledge of what Kitten is saying.
    • It is also revealed that Fox thinks of himself as a cat.
  • Fox is the only Artiméan golem known to be made purely of wood.
  • Fox can float