Eva Fathom is the former secretary of the High Priest Justine, and was the secretary of High Priest Aaron Stowe. Eva was formerly of Artimé and left for Quill, greatly embarrassing her daughter, Carina. In truth, she was a spy for Artimé during her residence at Quill. Eva would pass information to Marcus Today, and after his death, to Sean Ranger.

Known RelativesEdit

Eva Fathom has one known child, Carina Holiday, formerly Carina Fathom. Carina changed her last name as a result of Eva's betrayal, as she did not want to be known as related to a traitor. Eva has one known grandchild, Seth Holiday, son of Carina Holiday.


She died at the end of The Island of Legends because of Panther. The panther was created by Marcus Today and hidden in a jungle only accessible by tube. Unfortunately, Aaron discovered the jungle and sent Panther towards Artime. Eva died by stepping in front of many children and saving all of their lives.