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Crow is the brother of Sky . The two are children who escaped from Warbler and washed onto Artimé on a makeshift raft. Crow has his necklace of thorns on for only a couple weeks when they escaped, so his voice is not hoarse like Sky's. Crow and Sky are both part of the mission to rescue Lani and Samheed from Warbler, and then their mother, Copper , from the Island of Fire.


Crow has orange-eyes like everyone else from Warbler. He also has scars around his neck like the other Warblerans. He has dark copper hair, the same color as Sky's. In quests, he has dark brown hair he keeps in a low ponytail, and brown skin.


Island of SilenceEdit

Crow and Sky arrive in Artimé on their makeshift raft, and remain unconcious for the majority of the book.

Island of FireEdit

Crow helps Alex, Henry, and Sky figure out Mr. Today's riddle and restore Artimé. He then helps in the mission to rescue Lani and Samheed from Warbler island.

Island of LegendsEdit

Crow is the one who translates the message for the new group of Warbler children who have arrived on Quill, letting the Artiméans know they were sent by their parents to protect them. Crow assists the group of Artiméans on the quest to rescue his and Sky's mother. He is with them when they arrive on the Island of Legends, and when they go over the waterfall.

Island of ShipwrecksEdit

Crow assists in the return to Artimé and the battle against Quill.

Island of GravesEdit

Crow keeps careful watch over Fifer and Thisbe, rather than focusing too much on fighting. He feels guilty about not wanting to fight, but Carina reassures him that he should do what he loves, rather than worrying about what he thinks he's honor bound to do.

Island of DragonsEdit

Crow cares for babies Fifer and Thisbe as the rest of the Artiméans fight for their home against the pirates and Queen Eagala. He is the one that translates the message that some of the Warblerans were fighting for Artimé and their children. It is revealed that Crow has a crush on Scarlet, a girl from Warbler.

Unwanteds Quests

Crow is seen wondering about when Sky and Scarlet will return from Warbler. Fifer and Thisbe look up to him like a big brother.

Dragon BonesEdit

Crow goes with Fifer to Grimere to join Alex and the group to rescue Thisbe. It is assumed when Scarlet kisses his cheek that they are a couple. Crow assists with the fighting in the catacombs, and is there when Alex dies.


Henry HalukiEdit

Crow and Henry are best friends. The two became best friends in Island of Fire, and Henry was the first to learn Crow's name.

Fifer and Thisbe StoweEdit

Crow acts as a caretaker and similar to an older brother towards the girls. He has cared for them since they were babies, and Fifer thinks of him as a cooler-than-Alex older brother.


Sky is Crow's older sister. The two escaped Warbler together, and are very close. They both wanted desperately to save their mother, and when Sky disappeared Crow lost nearly all hope that she had survived.


Scarlet is a Warbleran girl whom Crow has strong feelings for. For the most part, he had been too nervous to ever tell her about his feelings, but in Dragon Bones they share a secret smile and she kisses him on the cheek.

Alex StoweEdit

Crow looked up to Alex ever since Island of Fire. He respected Alex greatly, and never forgot the strenght he instilled in Artimé when they were in a time of crisis.