Crow is the brother of his sister Sky from Warbler Island. He had the mysterious necklace of thorns woven into his neck. Later it is explained that on the island they were from, Warbler, that the Queen Eagala had made them silent because they tried to ask visitors to escape. Crow had gotten his thorn necklace for only a few weeks, unlike Sky, who has had it for a few years. At first he was scared to take the thorn necklace off as the queen had said that if they took it off the birds of warbler would find them and peck his eyes out, then they would kill Crow or anyone else if they removed the necklace. But that was proven untrue when Alex removed Meghan Rangers necklace and nothing happened but her getting her voice back, so Crow had his necklace removed by Alex Stowe. Crow seems to have feelings for Scarlet, another child from Warbler. He often watches Thisbe and Fifer.

Crow later is part of an attack on Warbler island to get Lani Haluki and Samheed back.

Love InterestsEdit

Crow has a crush on a Warbler girl named Scarlet. When Kaylee remarks that Thatcher, another Warbleran, is good at Magic, Crow says that Scarlet is better

Washing upon ArtiméEdit

He washed upon Artimé on a raft with his sister, Sky, in Island of Silence. He had the mysterious necklace of thorns woven into his neck.


Crow has orange-eyes like everyone else from Warbler. He is the same age as Henry. He appears with a collar of metal thorns woven into his neck but later gets it taken off. He has dark copper hair, the same color of Sky's. According to Quests, he has long, dark brown hair and brown skin. In Quests he is 23.

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