Cole Wickett was first introduced in the second book when he is ordered with Meghan Ranger (his crush) to show the new Unwanteds around. Meghan never realized that he had a crush on her. Samheed disliked him for having a crush on Meghan for he was after Meg at the time too, though she was oblivious to his interest in her as well. Cole's best creativity skill is music similar Meghan. He created the spell fire ants, which makes you confused, causing you to punch yourself for around 15 minutes.

Later, in the beginning of the third book, when Alex lashes out at him, Cole leads a group back to Quill, saying he "knows where we can find some food."

In one of the later books, the evil Gondoleery proclaimed herself high priest after Aaron Stowe, who had worked his way to the position of high priest, was kidnapped by pirates. She killed Cole Wickett and all his friends when Alex didn't kill her when he'd had the chance.