Claire Morning's boat is a small boat with a comfy interior and can be magically driven to a certain place. The user issues a destination to the boat, and the boat will automatically drive there as long as it is a real place, and will show the estimated amount of time needed to get there. The boat is also self-protective and will not go to places too shallow or dangerous.

Role in the StoriesEdit

Claire Morning's boat was first spotted by Alex when he was wandering through the jungle, but Alex did not use it. In The Unwanteds: Island of Silence, Lani Haluki, Meghan Ranger, and Samheed Burkesh were off "on an adventure" without Alex as they were jealous of him being trained as the head mage. They were attacked by inhabitants on Warbler Island, where Meghan managed to escape to the boat. Alex saved her and drove the boat back to where Artimé was and found that it was destroyed.

In The Unwanteds: Island of Graves, Alex took off with the boat by himself but found out how foolish he was as he brought no food, so he returned. He later ventured with Sky to get Aaron, and rescued Kaylee on the way back.